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Custom Shower Enclosures

Maryland Glass is a full service shop for shower enclosure installers. We can process your field drawings into exact glass sizes, provide all hardware, and fabricate the glass.  Clear, Low-Iron, Pattern, and Acid-Etch glass are all available. Add Diamon-Fusion coating for a low maintenance finish with a limited Lifetime Warranty.


Diamon-Fusion Shower Coating 


Coatings help protect all kinds of glass surfaces, from shower enclosures, windshields and exterior windows to etched glass, fine art glass and solar panels. Consumers and business buy glass to enhance the beauty of their homes, and business but what happens when glass is exposed to hard water, soap scum, sea salt and environmental elements? Once stains are on the glass, they are almost impossible to remove, unless the surface is protected with a low-maintenance coating.  

Although most glass appears to have a smooth surface, the reality is glass by nature has microscopic peaks and valleys in virtually every surface. By filling in rough surface with a protective coating, the areas becomes smoother, water repellent, more brilliant, impact, scratch and stain resistant and UV stable.

Protective coatings create a surface that repels water and the minerals it carries so fewer drops can stick to and dry on the glass, resulting in fewer spots. The benefit is less cleaning, a more hygienic surface and a cleaner environment where harsh chemicals are not used.



Shower Hardware

We stock all the hardware needed to complete your shower enclosure.  From hinges and clamps, to headers and pulls, everything is ready to ship as soon as your glass comes out of our tempering furnace.

America Full Plate Hinge  Square Wall Mount Glass Clip  180 deg Designer Hinge  High Profile Channel for .375 glass  Towel Bar Handle Combo



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Features and Benefits

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