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OEM Between the Glass Blinds

OEM Shades provides its customers with a premier advantage by offering a variety of innovative designs to all of our models of the Between The Glass(BTG) mini-blinds.

Available for door windows, regular windows, and office partition applications, the BTG mini-blinds bring contemporary convenience to the home or office.

Tilting or raising the blind slats to an optimal level allows brightness and privacy to be controlled. The BTG installation means that dusting the blinds is eliminated, maintaining cleanliness merely involves wiping the outer glass surface. The protective layers of glass prevents damage from everyday use.

The amount of infrared energy and UV radiation that pass through the mini-blinds is controlled by its unique design. This feature decreases internal heating, which avoids expensive air-conditioning costs. In addition, sun damage to fabrics, furnishings, and flooring becomes virtually obsolete.

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