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X-Ray Shielding Glass

LX-57B X-Ray shielding lead glass offers excellent radiation protection and superb visual clarity. The polished surfaces are scratch resistant and LX-57B does not discolor due to radiation. LX-57B X-Ray shielding glass comes in three thicknesses.

Surface Hardness
LX-57B glass surfaces are mirror polished. Using Moh’s hardness scale, LX-57B tests at Level 6 (comparable to feldspar, a constituent of granite). Acrylic tests at Level 3 (equivalent to calcite, a constituent of limestone and chalk).

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Features and Benefits

  • High quality optical grade lead barium type X-Ray lead glass
  • Contains over 60% heavy metal oxide, including at least 55% PbO
  • Surfaces are mirror polished
  • Excellent for use in medical facilities, laboratories, airports, and screens for radiation
  • Available in 3 thicknesses, LX7 (7 mm) is used in most X-Ray radiation applications, LX9 (9 mm) and LX15 (15 mm) are used in cancer fluoroscopic treatment, etc.


  • LX7
  • LX7 NT
  • LX7 Laminated